Revised Plan

The original aim was to launch my book ‘Heartfelt Mind’ (on the subject of Recovery, Mindfulness, Meditation, Source-Energy, Self-Love and Law of Attraction…) at my ‘Roots & Wings Arts & Well Being Festival’ (Fliers below) which I set about writing and producing especially for the event, however the book has now taken on a life all of its own and I am allowing the process to reveal itself to me without trying to rigidly control the process and rather to enjoy the creative journey of unfoldment.

In the Action Research Cycle of planning, acting, observing and reflecting I am now at the point of revising a new plan based upon my observations and reflections of my previous planning and actions taken on the journey of bringing this book to its full fruition.

Currently my thoughts are that I would like to revise and personalise each copy of the book by hand and in so doing the book becomes a unique and original piece of art in its own right as well as a vehicle for leading edge thought by including those processes of refinement.

I shall be testing this theory at the opening night of a joint exhibition that will take place at the LCC in Elephant and Castle on 7th November – 17th November 2017. The theme of the exhibition is Feminism. I shall post more information shortly.